A Great Tool for Smartphone/Tablet/iPad Users


First of all, I apologize for the recent silence. Sometimes, life and work just get in the way of doing the tasks we’ve set for ourselves.

As I mentioned back in September, I came across some fun, inventive and interesting products at the last trade show I attended. Today, I am sharing one of those product ideas which would work well for IT services company, computer retail outlets, or any company which utilizes on on-the-road salesforce/consultanting staff. If your prospects or employees use smartphones and/or tablets or iPads, then this product is a great way to keep your brand in front of those people.

Flexible Waterproof Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Black with white silicone back. Roll up this mini keyboard and take it anywhere! Waterproof, rinsable, and ultra-hygienic. Connects to your smart phone or iPad via Bluetooth. Makes typing on your smart phone a joy! Works with windows, Mac, smart phone and even iPads! Easy use with laptop and desktop PCs.  10″ L x 3 5/8″ W x 5/8″ Thick.

Granted, at about $45/piece with a 25 piece minimum, this is not a promotional product for the faint at heart. However, for the right company and the right application, this could be a powerful marketing piece. The secret is in the objective of the campaign, targeting the right market and getting it into their hands with the right message to accomplish your desired call-to-action.

Would I recommend it to just any company? Absolutely not! The cost has to be able to create a justifiable ROI or ROO.

Nevertheless, whether it’s used as a gift item, a trade show traffic booster, or as part of a promotional program, the impact of this keyboard upon the recipients will be tremendous.

If you would like more information on how this product could be used in a promotion for your company, please contact Lev Promotions at 619-697-2045, or e-mail us at info@levpromotions.com.

It also makes a great holiday gift idea for employees, clients and vendors.

Viral Marketing at Work


You’ve probably heard the phrase “viral marketing.” If you’re unsure what it means, it is word of mouth taken to the nth degree by having people spread the word quickly and effectively about a particular subject.

It’s what got The Blair Witch Project film known. It’s what those flash mob events were all about.

It’s taking the power of people spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook, e-mails, in person, or by any other means to publicize an event or an item.

To see an example of a successful viral marketing campaign that one of my suppliers did at the last two trade shows I attended, go to http://www.feyppg.com/eu/.