Walk the Floor – Trade Shows are Your Friends!


It’s not unusual to find me at a trade show – usually as an exhibitor or working with in a client’s booth. Next week, however, I’m off to one of the two industry trade shows that I attend each year for my own professional development and the opportunity to make valuable connections for Lev Promotions’ growth.

What have I learned after ten years of operating Lev Promotions?

  1. The number of people employeed in any given industry who come to their industry trade shows as registered attendees (I call them “walkers”) is a small percentage.
  2. The people who attend these trade shows usually either brand new to the industry or are the cream of the crop and value the opportunities presented for professional growth.
  3. Valuable connections can be made not only with vendors who are exhibiting, but with “competitors” who are attending. I know how much I appreciate the opportunities I have at my trade shows to meet in person with the MasterMind group that I participate in via e-mail all year long. Their insights, tips and tricks have been invaluable to me over the years, as I hope mine have been to them.
  4. The education opportunities that exist at most trade shows is a great way to gain knowledge in all aspects of running your business at little to no additional cost. Sometimes, these sessions are where we remember what we already knew, but forgot to implement.

I don’t know any industry that doesn’t have trade shows of some sort – from local to regional to national to international. If you are interested in learning what is new or coming for your trade, making connections with vendors, and networking with the movers and shakers in your industry, a trade show is the place to be.

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