People Are Always Watching!


So I’m on the freeway today when I see a van with signage for a company that I know. Traffic is moving a bit slowly, so I’m able to peek in the window to see if the driver is someone I know. Well, it wasn’t, but I wasn’t happy to see the driver talking on his cellphone. Not only was he doing something illegal, he was doing it in a company van, which puts that company in legal jeopardy if he gets into an accident and giving people a poor impression of that company as well.

Marketing is about the impressions we make and people are always watching. Whether a salesperson is chatting on the phone to her boyfriend, or a driver is on his cellphone while behind the wheel of a company vehicle, or someone wearing a name badge pitches a fit while in line at the grocery store, people not only take away an impression of that person, but of the company they’re representing.

Make sure you and your staff are keep that in mind whenever they’re in a position to be recognized as an employee of your company.

Yes, It’s Holiday Business Gift-Giving Time Again!


I know, it’s only August, but, believe it or not, now is the time to start thinking about your holiday gift-giving needs.

Here’s a list of some of the things you need to think about for your business holiday gifts:

  • Who is getting gifts this year (employees, clients, referral sources, vendors, networking contacts, etc….)
  • Is everyone getting the same thing, or will there be levels of gifts based on revenues generated and/or referrals sent?
  • How much do you want to spend per gift at each level?
  • When will the gifts be delivered? (Pre-Thanksgiving is my recommended time – see previous blogs on this subject or contact me for why.)
  • How will the gifts be delivered?
  • Wrapped or not?
  • What type of imprint should be on the gifts? See previous blogs on this subject or contact me for more information.)

By choosing and purchasing your holiday business gifts before mid-October, you are assured of the best selection with no rush fees and timely delivery because production lines haven’t become backed up yet.

Need help with your holiday business gifts? Lev Promotions can be your own, private Santa!

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