Is Your Website a Good Marketing Tool?


I’ve recently been approached by a few contacts asking about creating or revamping a website for their business. Although it’s not my forte, if the website is simple with no shopping cart and only about 5 – 7 pages, it’s definitely something I can handle.

The hardest part of building a website for a business is making it a good marketing piece. Too many times, I see websites that are like works of art, or filled with music and videos, or seem to have all the newest bells and whistles that are technologically available.

Many times, what I don’t see is the actual marketing message, so here are three tips for making sure that you marketing is well represented by your website:

1) Make sure that your online branding is consistent with your offline branding. If you’ve got a new logo, double-check that it’s on your website. Are the colors of the site consistent with your branded image?

2) Is the messaging appropriate for your audience? I once reviewed a website for a client in the tech industry that had terms on there I’d never seen before. Now, I’m not a techie, but, I was a potential buyer of their product and had no clue what all the jargon they were using meant. I asked my husband, a software engineer if those terms were real and relevant. He told me that yes, they are real tech industry terms, but using them the way they were was their way of showing off what they know rather than actually speaking to their intended audience. Are you speaking to your audience, or showing off what you know?

3) Don’t use music that can’t be turned off. I personally won’t stay on a website that plays music from the second it’s loaded and doesn’t give me the option to turn that music off. If I can’t easily find a way to turn it off, I close the window and move along. Of course, if your business is music-oriented, have the music available, just be sure the viewer can turn it off or turn it down if they want to.

Finally, don’t be afraid of content. Graphics are fine, but if they don’t add to you message, then they’re useless.