Are You Sabotoging Yourself Because You’re Afraid to Change Old Habits?


I had lunch with a friend on Sunday – we used to belong to the same networking group until I left it, after 4-1/2 years, in January.

She asked me if I’d seen a change in my business since I’d left the group and I was happy to report that I had – a definite growth that was surpassing the growth I’d been experiencing over the last two years.

“Do you think it’s because you left the group?” she asked.

I said, not exactly. But I do know that that particular group was no longer producing the results I needed to justify the time and money I was putting into it. Yes, I liked the people and enjoyed my time there every Friday morning; but they were not sending me the business I needed to be a member.

I knew that the few who were clients would continue to work with me after I left. I knew that my customers in the group might do so, as long as no one else took my spot or if they couldn’t find it cheaper than I could provide it. I also knew that the other members who had never sent me a referral of any sort probably never would anyway.

By freeing up my time and money, I was able to put those resources into the people and outlets that were helping me grow my business. I didn’t resent the time spent because it wasn’t producing the results I wanted and I kept the relationships I enjoyed and/or the ones that were good business because the parties involved valued each other.

So, are you doing the same old thing because it’s habit, but not seeing the results you want? Don’t be afraid to break a habit – good things can definitely come of it.