Say Goodbye to 2015


It’s time to wind down the year and reflect on 2015.

Many of us take a personal inventory at the end of the year, then make resolutions based on the things we want to change.

If you aren’t doing that for your business, then you’re shortchanging your opportunity for growth.

Take a cold hard look at how your business performed in 2015.

  • Did you meet expectations? If so, what was done right?
  • Were some/all goals not quite met? If so, what could have been done differently or better?
  • Are your employees at all levels (you should be looking from the top down) and in all jobs (not just customer contact) providing the kind of customer service to each other and to your customers that you are proud of? If not, it’s time to make a change.

Once that’s done, you’ll have a more realistic view of what needs to be done to meet your objectives and achieve success in 2016.

From Lev Promotions and me, personally, to each one of you – Have a healthy, happy and successful 2016.