Internal Marketing – Are You Doing It?


Administrative Professionals week is April 24 – 30th this year. As I started getting requests for clients for gifts for their administrative staff to be delivered that week, it got me thinking once again about how many companies don’t bother with their internal marketing.

OK, so “What’s internal marketing?” you ask.

Simple, it’s the things we do for our employees to keep them engaged and motivated so that they believe in what they’re doing and are able to communicate that to our customers.

If you haven’t heard me say it before, here it is again: Your most important marketing tool is the delivery of good (and great is really the goal) customer service. Without that, don’t bother spending any money on any other marketing because you’re going to need that money when you declare bankruptcy.

While that may sound harsh, it’s true. Losing a customer because of poor customer service will not only deprive you of future business with that customer, but they will become influencers of whether other people do business with you.

If it’s less expensive to keep the customers you already have than to go out and find new ones, imagine how much more expensive it will be to try to find new ones if you have a reputation for delivering poor/bad/horrible customer service.

Good customer service starts at the top. It means, among other things, appreciating your employees – and not just the ones who have direct contact with customers. (What if your janitorial staff feels that you couldn’t care less about them and they don’t do a good job cleaning the restrooms, which your customers use?)

Appreciation doesn’t have to take the form of gifts. It can be a hand-written note from a manager in appreciation of a job well done. It can be calling that person out for an achievement at a staff meeting. It can be remembering employees’ birthdays with a card. And, yes, it can be a gift at holiday time, on their work anniversary, or on occasions such as Administrative Professionals Week.

Now, go – do some internal marketing!