Time for a Shameless Plug! :)


It’s been a bit since I’ve talked about promotional products here, so, instead of my usual marketing words of wisdom, or something about a product I just saw at a trade show, I thought I’d share a photo of one of my clients exhibit tables.

I’m proud to say that Lev Promotions was able to help Windward Life Care as they transitioned from another name and brand image. We produced their table drape, promotional products and name badges for this particular event educating seniors on some life choice options.

This was Windward Life Care’s first event under their new branding.

What do you think?

Are Millennials Truly Different?


I’ve recently heard a lot about how the Millennial generation is so different – they want instant gratification, want to be promoted quickly at work, and want to work when they want to work.

Aren’t these traits we pretty much all had when we were young. Doesn’t it stem from the impatience that a certain lack of maturity and responsibility bring?

Didn’t most of us grow out of it as we got older and took on the responsibilities of a car payment, rent/mortgage and maybe even a family?

From a marketing perspective, I saw a study targeting Millennials asking how they prefer to be advertised to. While most people would probably guess that social media is where they want to be reached, the number one answer was that they want “stuff.” They want to go to an event and get a promotional item. They want to complete an action you’ve asked them to do and get a tangible reward (not necessarily cash or a cash equivalent).

Now tell, me, if you’re not a Millennial, is that a whole lot different than you?

Another great promotional product!

Luggage Tags for Susan Rutan of Cruise Planners

Luggage Tags for Susan Rutan of Cruise Planners

Last week I posted the Post-It pads we did for Susan Rutan at Cruise Planners (www.apassion4travel.com). This week, I’m featuring the luggage tags we did for her. Now you may think that luggage tags are just good promotional products for companies in the travel industry, but there are several other great ways to use luggage tags as a promotion. 1) If you have an organization (school, senior group, Chamber of Commerce, church group, etc…) that is planning a group trip/tour, use luggage tags as one way to identify the luggage of people in the group. It’s a great visual aid for airport porters and hotel bell staff. If you have an annual trip, then doing a different shape or color each year also makes these collectible mementos. 2) Luggage stores can use these as a gift with purchase and/or as an at the register retail purchase item. 3) Businesses who have personnel that travel on a regular basis can use this to increase brand awareness for their company. 4) If you are attending a regional, national or international trade show as an exhibitor, these can be used as a pre-show promotion for attendees who are travelling to the show. Do you have a way to use luggage tags as a creative promotional product? Please leave it as a comment here. I look forward to reading your ideas.

Marketing Creatively Can Set You Apart


Every month, I update the Lev Promotions website and send out an e-mail with a list of commemorative dates, holidays, and events that can be used as wonderful marketing tools.

The last e-mail newsletter I sent out detailed the events in August – I encourage my clients to work at least 3 months out whenever possible.

To see that newsletter and get just a small sampling of what amazing marketing opportunities await you, go to: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Creative-Reasons-to-Market-Your-Business—A-Look-at-August-2013.html?soid=1102140918947&aid=Hy27zIvGFbM

Now it’s just a question of figuring out which of these events you can create a tie-in for to come up with a memorable marketing event that will leave your audience asking for more!

Choosing an Effective Promotional Product


With business budgets in place for 2013 and the trade show season kicking off, I am fielding a lot of questions about choosing and using promotional products effectively. That’s a good thing, because the days of just picking something out of a catalog to hand out willy-nilly should be over – in fact, they never should have been. Our marketing budgets should be spent wisely with some expectation of a return on investment.

To that end, there are several points to keep in mind when choosing a promotional product for maximum effectiveness:

  1. Who is your target market for this particular campaign?
  2. What is your goal for this particular campaign?
  3. What is your brand image and/or the theme for this particular campaign?
  4. What is your desired call-to-action?
  5. What is your delivery method?

Although it may be easier to simply pick something “fun” out of a catalog, it won’t necessarily be effective. For example, back when I was working in hotel management, we had a convention in-house whose theme had something to do with the wild West. Everyone got a very nice cowboy hat with the name of the sponsoring company imprinted on the band. Everyone loved the hats – they wore them throughout the 3-day convention. Then, at check-out time, the maids got to take home a whole bunch of hats because most of the attendees had flown in and didn’t want to wear them while traveling and didn’t have room in their luggage to pack them. Oops, that was several thousands of dollars of marketing budget that ended up in the hands of the kids of hotel maids, when the target market was meat buyers for restaurants and catering companies.

Consider also that the quality has to be good. What message does a promotional product give your prospects if it breaks or causes damage or just ends up in the trash? Is that how you want your branded image to be remembered?

Finally, keep in mind that the “perfect” promotional product is not necessarily the one that the decision maker thinks is cool, likes the best, or wants the most. It is the target market and marketing message that should define what the “perfect” product is, not the personal tastes of the person making the final decision. That being said, the item chosen should reflect the personality of the brand it is representing.

New & Exciting Promotional Products


It’s been a little over a month since I attended my big trade show for the year. I came back excite, exhilarated, exhausted and sick.

I’m finally healthy and caught up with everything, so it’s time to wade through the photos and catalogs and samples of what I saw at Expo.

Once I’ve uploaded my photos from my phone to my computer, I’m going to write the occasional blog about some of the items I saw that got me thinking and creating.

This seemed to be a big year for wine-inspired promotional products – from bottle stoppers to wine carriers to ice buckets to special glasses for drinking wine on a boat (yeah, really!).

Also, new styles in tumblers, including one that allows you to infuse fresh fruit flavors into your water and one that mixes the powder for your protein and other health drinks into your water better!

Want to promote healthier eating, watch for the portion control plates.

And, the last teaser, for those of us looking for added sun protection, a real sunbrella that provides proven SPF category protection.

Keep watching for detailed product information and ideas.

Tough Love Lessons – Are You Just the Life of the Party….


I attended one of my client’s events last week – a baseball outing for employees and top clients. My client went all out and got a skybox complete with beautifully catered for and a hosted bar for this event. Needless to say, one or two people took too much advantage of the hosted bar. What resulted was not pretty and may end up as a marketing hurdle that my client will need to overcome.

Imagine my surprise when I read the following blog today and realized that this is a good message to pass on: Tough Love Lessons – Are You Just the Life of the Party…..