The Blender Bottle


I don’t often write about products, but this is the time of year I often get asked about sport bottles. For certain companies and organizations, I’ve been recommending a blender bottle (shown here). 1358378448728

It is a great promotional marketing item for gyms, personal trainers and health food companies because so many of their clients and prospects use protein or weight-loss shakes made from powders. the special ball helps break up those powders and allows them to dissolve more effectively into the liquid being used. The result – a smoother, less gritty drink! That means people more likely to actually use the product so they get better results!

Yes, it does cost more than the average sport bottle, but there are ways to make it fit into the budget.

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To Give Or Not To Give…


I always say that, if you’re handing out business cards a Blackjack dealer in Vegas throwing out playing cards, then you’re playing the wrong game.

You’d get better results, or at least more people talking about you, if you stood in the center of the room, took your handful of business cards and threw them up in the air yelling, “Yippeeeeeee!”

Sell, Lead, Succeed!

Playing Cards In Hand

That is the question 🙂

Ever see people handing out business cards like they are dealing a deck of cards?

“Come one, come all, everyone gets a card!”

The important question is…

did you get a card from the prospect, or the networking event connection?

When you get a card, you are in control. You control your own destiny.

When all you do is hand out cards, and often forget to get their card, you wait – hoping one day that they reach out to you.

Uh-oh! Your card may end up in the garbage but you still can connect if you have theirs!

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Why gmail is not a good professional e-mail address.


I work with so many start-up companies that use a Gmail e-mail address and I have to wonder why.

First of all, most of these companies do have a website, so why wouldn’t they want the brand consistency of using it in their e-mail address? You get up to five free e-mail address free with many domain registrations and, even if you have to pay for it, it can be as low as $5.00/year for five e-mail addresses.

Secondly, with spam e-mails coming from free e-mail providers (take a look, most spam e-mails are sent on a Gmail account), why would you want your e-mails potentially identified as spam either by the receiving server or by the intended recipients themselves?

Thirdly, by not taking the time and making the tiny bit of extra effort it takes to put your e-mail on your domain name, it gives a psychological signal of your level of professionalism and commitment.

Given those three reasons, why would you want to print a Gmail e-mail address on your business cards?