The 5 Star Five – My Best Selling Tips Ever!


Some great tips for making your selling more successful.

Sell, Lead, Succeed!


When I was recently preparing a speech to up and coming sales reps, I realized that I had compiled a list of selling tips that I wanted to share today. Here are the best of the best:

#1 Consult, Don’t Regurgitate – better to listen to your prospect and find out what they really need, rather than “barf out” everything you know

#2 Share, Celebrate and Support –  be a fantastic teammate!

#3 Manage Time, Plan and Prioritize – not the “sexy” part of selling, but crucial to success

#4 Fly Under The Radar, Don’t Be “On It” – if your boss does not have to follow-up with you about things not getting done, that is a good thing!

#5 The Path of “Most Resistance” Pays Dividends – anyone can do the easy stuff, but tough it out and do the difficult (or less desirable tasks) day in and…

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Why Are We Followers Instead of Differentiators?


This is a discussion I have often with new clients. It’s also something I’ve written about here some time ago. Nevertheless, as I watch television and see commercials with similar themes, I am reminded that even the big guys don’t necessarily get the fact that marketing should be about setting yourself apart, not following the pack.

What set me off on my rant this time? Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but, over the past four months or so, I’ve realized that there are at least three major companies out there all using a screaming goat in their advertising.

These are all companies in different industries (insurance, credit card and cell phone service).

I don’t know who came first, second or last.

All I know is that, every time I see one, I wonder why three different companies all chose to use a screaming goat as part of their advertising message. One of them is really funny, one of them is cute and one is just ehh; but the goat itself doesn’t really relate to their messaging or product. It’s just there for shock value.

Even so, three major brands are all doing it. Is it because they all share the same ad exec? Is it because the first ad came out and the second guy said, “Oooooo, I really like that goat. We should do that,” followed by the third guy doing the same thing?

Most people I talk to about this remember the goat, but don’t realize there’s three companies using the concept. And even fewer people actually know which companies are represented.

Marketing should be about telling people what makes you different enough to warrant them bringing you their business. It shouldn’t be about emulating what the other guy (whether it’s your direct competitor, indirect competitor, or just some cool company) is doing for several reasons:

  • You really don’t know if it’s effective for them.
  • If it is effective, then that’s the brand people will think of when they see your spin on the concept.
  • If it’s not effective, then why would you want to invest your marketing dollars into something similar. Cute/funny/memorable does not equal revenue.

Create marketing that tells people who you are and you’ll be the one being remembered and reaping the benefits!